We are seeking the best engineering solution for each customer "Trading company for offering the engineering solution"

Established in 1947 at Hamamatsu, based on the trade resources of MITSUI & CO., LTD. who was once dissolved after the World War II. Since then we are keeping company operation for more than 75 years as a machinery and other general commodities. Our main trading items are machines & tools those which are mainly supplied to the Japanese car industries. We are having branch offices in Toyama, Fukui, Osaka in Japan and also having incorporated company in overseas, U.S.A., Indonesia, India, Thailand, Vietnam, Mexico as in the name of HAMABO AMERICA LLC, PT. HAMABO INDONESIA, HAMABO INDIA PVT. LTD., HAMABO (THAILAND) LTD., HAMABO VIETNAM LLC, HAMABO MEXICO, S.A. de C.V. respectively.

We, HAMABO CORPORATION operate our business activities based on following fundamental principles, to keep ourselves customer oriented;

1. To conduct "on-site" sales activity through the customer's perspective.
2. Supply of products & offering technological solution to meet the customer's satisfaction at the utmost level.
3. Build up close and mutual coordination with the customer to achieve most proper, And professional solution.

Also, we hold a prominent part of engineering sectors "Machinery Division" manufacturing automatic robot system, various type of inspecting machines. We are always aiming at "Engineering oriented solution trading company" by organizing those function of engineering and sales trading complying with each customer's requirement.


Shigenori Uematsu